iPlace is happy to be associated with the large number of companies as a recruiting partner. We also deploy our resources at your organisations aiding your Human Resource Management team with interview selection process,   addressing to the in house staff’s problem and helping them solve it.

iPlace also provides Back office HR who can manage and maintain the resources profile, maintaining leave records etc.,. Our relationships with many companies extend back a long time adequately proving the best quality of our service.

iPlace is committed in building a outstanding management teams for our clients who are competent in the global market. iPlace grasps the inner nature of an organisation intuitively and proactively build the solution for the complex problems.

At iPlace, we are committed to build outstanding management teams for our clients to compete in the global market. We provide the perfect match and a solution for the human resource needs of our clients though long-term client relationship built on experience, insight and teamwork.

Our Commitment

  • To work in close coordination with our clients for their requirements.
  • To provide value added expertise during and after every assignment.
  • To execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity.
  • To adhere to the norms of the clients work culture and their ethics.

Advantage to the Clients

  • Continuously growing database.
  • Informed sourcing.
  • Strong sourcing capabilities.
  • Flexibility to focus on core business.
  • Ensure quality service with integrity.
  • Strategically handle requirements.
  • Reduces time and cost of selection.